New Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from a valued long-term student. Chris, thanks again.
I’ve been having bass lessons with James on and off for approximately 7 years. If you want to learn to play bass just so that you can busk your way through some standard cover songs so that it sounds OK, “ I’ve missed out a few notes but no-one will notice” sort of thing, then don’t have lessons with James. If you want to be introduced to the real world of bass playing, learning to play songs you never thought you’d be able to play, think James Jamerson, Rocco Prestia, Jaco Pastorious, Geddy Lee and many more, then read on. I’ve been taught the fundamentals of bass to give me the solid foundation in bass theory from which everything else flows. Then I’ve been taught how to practice properly by breaking a song down and playing each part over and over again until its right, that the timing of the second 16th note in the second bar actually matters. The result is that I’ve gone from basic “root / fifth” to playing some stuff which wouldn’t be out of place in a Grade 7 or 8 bass exam and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. If that sounds good to you then James is your man.
Chris Amos